Thursday, July 31, 2008


I have finally finished painting Reese's bedroom!! It has been almost done for almost a year now. I was looking at it today and starting taping up the striped again and then just kept going and I finished it!!! I love walking in her room now and looking at it all cleaned up and finished! I will decorate it more when I know what we are having next. YEAH ME!!! I am so excited it's done!!! Now on to more projects! I better get busy school starts on August 18th!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Phone Call

I was laying in bed with Reese tonight and I heard my phone ring and for a brief moment I thought "I wish that was Matt". It's weird how sometimes I am completely fine and others i just lay in my bed and cry. I really miss my brother. We might have talked everyday but we really became really close the few months he loved with us. I wish he would just call me. I miss him so much and I can't really grasp that he isn't in his hospital bed anymore. He isn't even hear with us anymore. Little things just hit me hard sometimes. Especially know that everyone is gone, when people where here I was distracted and when I was distracted it was better. I received a letter from a friend from his young single adult group in our ward and how he affected her life in a good way and how she will always remember him. She spoke of all the wonderful things that Matt is and was. It hit me really hard to hear how he affected others people life in such a positive way and how he doesn't even realize how much he actually did. I miss him. I love him. I know he knew that. That gives me peace but at the same time I am sad.


This past week was really difficult. The passing of my brother, seeing my dad for the first time in years, my sisters seeing my dad for the first time in MANY MANY years, having to deal with all the drama of that weird relationship. I am just so happy and blessed in my life that I have a wonderful mommy, great siblings, awesome husband and great friends and of course a great baby girl as well. I love my family very much. I don't even know what to blog about right know my head is just spinning with so many thoughts. I just guess I had to express how grateful I am for my wonderful family and friends that extended their hands and hearts to us at this time and for the wonderful spirit that we have been able to feel because of that. Thank you. One positive thing from last week was that we where able to hear our new babies little heart beat. 155 beats per minute. Its so awesome to feel and hear a little life in you. I can't wait until the next appointment to hear it again.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Brother.

On Tuesday at 2:30 I received a phone call from Utah Valley Medical Center asking did I know a Matthew Probasco. They then asked that I come down to the emergency room. Not knowing the extent of his injuries I assumed he was in a car accident or something. Nothing really life threatening. I get there at 2:45 and I am greeted by 2 social workers. I knew it wasn't really good then. My brother had been found in his car with a body temp of 105. He had no pulse. They where able to revive him and take him to the ER where they regulated his temp and got his heart rate and blood pressure regulated. Then the Dr. and the police officer come into the room to explain the scene to me and let me know of his condition. Then they ask about more family and I have to explain our interesting family dynamic. Then they also recommended that I get my husband down there to support me. It was one of the worse things I have had to do in my life going into the trauma unit to see my brother. They then proceed to take him up to the ICU. They where explaining the brain trauma to me and explaining that he only had a little brain function that he could take a breath every 6 seconds and it was a shallow breath at that. They kept telling us that the prognoses was looking very grim. Yesterday morning they pronounced my brother brain dead. And they from there began the process of organ donation. I guess I am blogging this so people can know how much I loved my brother. He is a wonderful man and great uncle to our little Reese. I miss him so much already. It doesn't seem real. I love him and miss him and hope he knows how much we loved him and appreciated him. I won't be able to blog for awhile and talk about him in remembrance of all the wonderful memories we have together. But once the funeral and everyone has left I will be able to share with everyone our memories so everyone will know how great and wonderful Matt really was. I love you Matt and miss you.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Old Navy goodies

Yesterday and today I went to our Old Navy's because they are having a huge sale on the summer items, 50% off clearance, so I figure let me stock up for next year for my baby girl. I only spent $60 and got all this...

3 dress
10 shirts
1 skirt
6 short/capris
2 bathing suits

22 things for 60 bucks! Not one item was over 3.99. It was great! I love sales like this. Reese is stocked for next summer and I didn't have to break the bank doing so! I only wish I already knew what I was having because if its a boy I need to stocking up for it as well!! Only 9 more weeks and we will know!! :) Maybe 5 wks if I am impatient!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Interesting..we will have to see....

I got this from Cathy's website so I am copying a little bit of info...looking at the What to Expect When Expecting website and there was a link to this Madame Zartiska thing that predicts when your baby will be born and I figured...."Hey, it's free why not." Here's her prediction.

Madame Zaritska's reading

Madame Zaritska, our resident clairvoyant, wants to help you prepare for the arrival of your child. Here she does her best to predict certain aspects of your labor and birth experience.

What she senses for you
The day you deliver, outside will be cloudy. Your baby will arrive at night.

After a labor lasting approximately 10 hours, your child, a girl, will be born. Your baby will weigh about 7 pounds, 10 ounces, and will be 18 inches long. This child will have green eyes and a lot of hair.

Hummmmm....not that I believe in these but we will have to see....

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bras and MMM snack!

Tonight I went over to my friend Rebecca's house where we had a game night with her, me and Laura. It was also snack time with plenty of cookies, candy and chips but shhh don't tell on us. Reese wasn't asleep yet so I brought her with me and just but her down in a playpen in Rebecca's room. I got this hunch about halfway through the evening that I need to go check on Reese because she might be doing something she not supposed to be doing. Just a little back story in GA when we where living in my sisters room Reese could reach her bookcase and would unpack in and when I moved her it was to close to the shoes and she unpacked those too so you have to but Reese away from everything. Well I thought I did. I put Reese by there closet but in the middle of the night WAIT there closet was open I hope she isnt pulling down all there clothes! So I went to check. Nope she wasn't doing anything bad she was laying down like a good girl, she was sad but laying down so I went through the room the in the dark not to disturb any trying to sleepness and rubbed her back when I felt something odd. What is that? Reese was wearing Rebecca's bra! Rebecca had left it on her closet door and Reese could reach it so why not wear it I guess. It was hilarious! I got a great giggle out of that. She had it on backwards but she took the initiative to actually put it on! LOL! My funny girl. Also in the same evening when we are coming home Reese wakes up and we are walking in the house I put her down to move some bags and apparently put her to close to the chocolate chip cookies we made and I look over to Reese and she said "MMMM snack" at 11 o'clock at night. I guess its never to late for cookies right?

Shelley Breakfast

A goodbye breakfast

This past Monday, Melissa, David and the girls went back to Arizona. We had a lot of fun visiting. The girls towards the end though where fighting like cats and dogs! Although at the breakfast at delicious Magelbys they where very content. Nola taught Reese how to give other babies hugs and even gave her a smoochie!! It was adorable.

Fourth of July Pics

Fourth of July! (I'm a little late ;) )

Well on the Fourth of July we where really lucky for Jeremy to have the day off so what did we do, NOTHING!! It was a relaxing very enjoyable fourth. We actually did do something, we went to the Stadium of Fire where we saw Miley Cyrus. It was a good concert, she performed a lot of new music and I wish it was more older stuff but it was still good. I love the stadium of fire, they always do a great job with the fourth. Very patriotic and fun. Reese had a great time she was a little restless and wanted to walk around and not stay in her seat but once we got up and started dancing, she was all good. Jeremy being the great dad he is bought her a special fourth cup that lit up and was very cool when it finally got dark. There where parachutes that came down with the flags and it was so cool because the entered the stadium from our side and sometimes you felt like you could reach up and touch them! Reese also likes men in uniforms. We are going to have to watch out for her! LOL! So I guess we didn't do nothing but it was still a relaxing fourth. We had fun, we even did a few sparklers before we left. And yes in the pictures Reese is holder the lighter but it was on safety so no worries! And also look at those fabulous red toe nails we are fourth of july-d out!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A fun visit.

Jeremy's sister, Melissa and her husband and two little girls came and stayed with us for a couple days while they where waiting for there family reunion to start. We have had a lot of fun visiting. We haven't seen them since Christmas. Theora and Nola are getting so big. Reese loves playing with her cousins. It will be weird not having them here tomorrow, Reese will be sad. We went and saw WALL-E on Monday and LOVED it! Reese sat through the whole thing. Its just a big TV and she enjoyed it. We also had a water fun day that night playing with over 200 water balloons and a slip-n-slide. We also went a saw Jeremy play in a softball tournament this past weekend. His team wasn't the best but we enjoyed watching him play. We where so proud of him. We have had a good time visiting and playing games and jamming out to Melissa's new favorite Rock Band! LOL!