Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I pod Touch!

My birthday is tomorrow but we celebrated it on Saturday because having a birthday around the holidays is crazy busy and you really can't enjoy it at all getting ready for Christmas and all. So my mom gave me my birthday present last night....
She ordered me an I pod touch! She also got it engraved for my birthday with a sweet message on the back. How sweet right!?! I know I have the worlds greatest mom ;)!! I am so excited to start running with it. Know I just need to update my music. Club mix '98 isn't as cool as it used to be...lol. I am wanting to start my 24 th yr and the new year jammin out!! :) Thanks mom!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Port of Columbus

Columbus has a really cool civil war naval museum. It can be kinda pricey on a normal day but they had a Victorian Christmas where you can go to the museum and see what Santa would look like back in Victorian times and they let you in free of admission. I am all about doing cool and different things with the kids but being free too sign me up! It was really interesting we had a good time and of course we got to see Santa. I like this family pic of us but Jeremy has his eyes closed! Grr! Of all people...lol we got Reese to smile but Jer messed us up...;) We are in our Bama attire because it was game day!

Potty Power!!

Reese I can say hopefully without jinxing myself or knocking on wood is potty trained!! It was a long hard battle but I think we made it! She hasn't had an accident in 3 days and woke up this morning to pee rather than pee in her bed. She has been going to bed in panties and waking up dry. YEAH! I wanted her to be potty trained by 3. I don't know why just had a number in my head. Of course every child is different and we have had a few life changing situations. Brodie being born and moving to Georgia. I am just happy for her being a big girl and moving on having Potty Power!! Which is from a silly movie from the library but she liked it.