Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Great Idea!

My friend Corley suggested after our last movie experience that we should try brining Brodies car seat to the movies to have him sit in and strap him in so we all can enjoy the movie. We tried it today at the dollar theatre and it worked wonderfully! Corley you are a GENIUS! I will be bringing his car seat for all movie adventures we bring him to until he is bing enough to stay still.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Bravo to Coppertone!

I recently bought a bottle of Coppertone sunscreen spray for the kids. It was a 7.5 fl oz bonus can. I used it once or twice and then when we are out of town it stops spraying. Of course I think its clogged or something so I try to clean it out and investigate the spray nozzle. Come to find out the can is out of air pressure to get the sunscreen out and spray it. I have a full can of sunscreen which we all know is expensive that I can't use. I called Coppertone on Friday and explained to them what happened and they where oh so apologetic and nice. Today, three days later I get two brand new bottles of sunscreen and three $1 off coupons for sunscreen. I was pleasently surprised to get my new sunscreen already. Bravo Coppertone for taking care of the customer! :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


This is Brodie with his "cheese" face. He is to cute! I love that boy!
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Toy Story 3

We went to go see Toy Story 3 for FHE a few weeks ago and loved it! Well at least Reese and I did. Reese at Brodies age would sit through a movie but not Mr. On the go pants. He sat through the previews barely and then Jeremy and I took turns chasing him through the theater before Jeremy through in the towel and just took him home. Poor Jeremy still hasn't seen the movie but I am working on getting him a free ticket from a cereal box code so he can go see it. It was such a cute movie and perfect way to end the Toy Story...story. :)
Trying to get a photo in before the movie, Brodie wouldn't stay still should of taken that as a sign.....

Our clan at the movies, my family (Johnny, my Mom, Parker, Devin and Allison) Jeremy and the kids and Jeremy's parents where there but came in late cause the concessions stand was crazy!

Brodie at his first big boy movie

Reese with her beloved Jesse "Yeeeehaw!"