Thursday, April 23, 2009


This a picture of Brodie in the Bumbo, no we didn't buy Brodie a purple bumbo it was Reese's before. That's what happens sometimes when you have an older sister. He was doing so good holding his little head up. He is getting to be such a big guy.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Provident Living

I was sent this in part of our Relief Society newsletter, I really liked it and it inspires me to live within my means and pay off debt

Elder Robert D. Hales (Priesthood leadership meeting 2009) " Provident living means joyfully living within our means and preparing for the ups and downs of life so that we can be ready for the rainy-day emergencies when they come into our lives. Provident livings means not coveting the things of this world. It means using the resources of the earth wisely and not being wasteful, even in times of plenty. Provident living means avoiding excessive debt and being content with what we have. When we go into debt, we give away some of our precious, priceless agency and place ourselves in self-imposed servitude. We obligate our time, energy, and means to repay what we have borrowed - resources that could have been used to help ourselves, our families, and others. " "I testify that happy is the man who lives with in his means and is able to save a little for future needs."

Friday, April 17, 2009

More pictures...

Our view of the Atlanta skyline
Jeremy and I at the Braves game

Jeremy driving to the game

Johnny and Brodie
Reese finding eggs on Easter

Picture Update

I didn't post any pictures when we where gone because we forgot our cord so here are some of our favorites from the trip. Lots of pics.....sorry keep scrolling!This is Reese and Parker at his field day.

Reese playing in my mom's back yard

Reese and her Paw Paw (Jeremy Grandpa)Reese at the beach for the first timeBrodie at the beachReese and her papa at the beach

Picking up Jeremy from the airport, doesn't Reese look happy!LOL! I love it!Brodie wearing Bama with his Granny (Jeremy's grandma)Reese dying Easter EggsBrodie right after his Blessing

Baby Steals!

I love this website and check it almost every day. They have some of the best stuff for almost always 50% off! Check them out, you won't be disappointed. They have the best customer service as well! Don't be scared-check 'em out! Baby Steals I love there great deals and thought I would share.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Last night we went to an Atlanta Braves game. It was really fun to go at a real live game. I have never been to a MLB game before. It was so crazy seeing something you have seen on TV for years, live. It was really fun, Jeremy was SO excited to be there. We had the cheap seats and where sitting as high as you could go and it was so cold in Atlanta last night! Burrr! I am not used to having my own car, I have blankets in my car because its Utah but I was very lucky to find a jacket in my moms car. We are coming home tomorrow and this trip has been very busy and full but we have had a great time. I forgot my camera cord so when I get home I will post pictures of Brodie's blessing, Easter and the other fun adventures we have had.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Wow! This trip I having been going and going. With two small children I am so so tired! It has been really fun so far, we went to the beach on Sat-Mon, I haven't been to the beach in almost 3 years so it was really nice to go sit on the beach. I will have to do a seperate post about how Brodie hates the beach and Reese is a princess and won't walk in the sand! Diva! My Mom and John sealing is this Saturday in the Atlanta temple and Brodie's baby blessing is on Easter. Not to mention all the people to see and things to do! Jeremy came into town yesterday and we went to the Ga Aguarium it is HUGE and really fun. It was relaxing sitting down behind the biggest viewing glass in north america and just watch the fish. Jeremy is doing his police academy physical fitness test today and hopefully we will find out on this trip if we are moving here or not. I just need to know and so I can get excited. I am trying not to get my hopes up. I have been missing a lot of things about Utah. I miss our friends and my deal hunting, it is not the same out here at all! I also miss the mounatins, its eally weird because both Jeremy and I feel "lower" physically. Where not at our high elevation and we can feel it! Well I will post pictures soon of our trip so far.