Saturday, May 22, 2010

When you have a sick pumpkin on Halloween be prepared for repercussions come spring.

We have a pumpkin and we didn't plant it in my inlaws front I guess it will be really festive come fall when pumpkins are growing on it.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Mickey Pizza

When we went to Disney on Ice I wanted to do something festive for dinner but of course I lost track of time and we had to do a mad dash to McDonalds which Reese loved and Jeremy and I choked down. But the whole time Reese wanted Mickey Pizza because I had told her I would make it for her before the show. So since I was a totally slacker and it didn't get done in time I made it for lunch the next day. She loved making it with me. We made a Micky and Minnie pizza. They turned out really cute.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Great deal on Diapers!

I just did this locally in Columbus but should work at every Rite Aid. It takes a little effort having to watch all the little ads for one of the coupons but it worth it to get diapers so cheap! I bought a box a wipes using a $2 off coupon from to use as a filler for my second transaction and a reminder to always give them your $5 off $25 or $20 coupons BEFORE you give them any other coupons. Here is the link to the deal and it gives you all the details to get Huggies diapers for $3.71 a piece! :) DIAPER DEAL

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Disney On Ice

Went to Disney on Ice last night and it was AWESOME! I loved the show. It was a better show than last years. This years show was called "Let's Celebrate" and went through holidays and reasons to have celebrations. We almost didnt go because it can be a little pricey but the cut the price of the tickets and we went. I didn't get the tickets for the Friday show until Thursday before and we got awesome seats. Reese was so excited and wanted to go get her own ice skates to skate with the princesses. I think in another life I would be a Disney on Ice not that I know how to skate at all but I love how everything on there costumes are bedazzled and plus I would totally rock the Little Mermaid!! Toy Story characters came out at the end singing the toys are back in town... we are so excited to see that movie coming out. I have decided our family is going to be Toy Story this year for Halloween. Jeremy is going to be Woody and I Bo-peep and Reese will be Jesse and Brodie will be Buzz!! SOO excited! :)

Reese was really excited for her can you tell ;)
For you Melissa...Jack the pumpkin king