Saturday, November 12, 2011

26 Days of Kindness

First of all I want to say I did not come up with this idea but saw in on another ladies blog and LOVED it. I am turning 26 in December and to celebrate I am going to go one random act of kindness a day until my birthday. I have to start in two weeks. I know it might sound weird but I think it helps all of us when we look outside ourselves and help others. Sometimes we can be an answer to their prayers and they can answer ours by us serving them and by serving them we are serving our Lord. I know that my birthday lands very close to Christmas and so everyone is a little more in the giving mood this time of season but I encourage all of my friends and family to look a little outside themselves in this busy season and see how a simple, it doesnt have to be grand act of kindness can make someone smile. So here is to 26 days of kindness starting soon. I dont want it to seem like I am telling anyone I am going to so this to toot my own horn as my mom says but rather to encourage and inspire others maybe to do it for their birthdays that may not fall around the holiday season. May we all look out for reasons to serve each other and strangers and in doing that we are being the hands for our God here on Earth.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Playing in the truck

Jeremy drives a linen truck and its BIG. Brodie loves to see his daddy in his super fun truck. So after we dropped Reese off at school we walked daddy back to his truck and got to sit in the drivers seat for a minute :)

Reese first day of PreK!

Reese started PreK today! She was so excited. She didn't even mind getting up at 6:30, which is early for both sleeping beauty and her mother. We had muffins for breakfast, her request, got dressed and out to nanas house to drop off Peanut at doggie daycare. We can't leave Peanut alone in the house or he will poop in the house. NO matter how long he has been outside. Its what we call and F-you poo. Anyways, Jeremy meet us at school so we could say goodbye to out little girl together. She didn't shed a tear, she was ready to go!! The only thing that made me a little sad was as we where leaving Brodie called out through the school fence "Where did she (Reese) go?" Poor boy is all alone with boring ol' mommy. He missed his sissy and was my little twin all day not letting me out of his site. Reese loved her first day of school and is ready to go back tomorrow!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


We went bowling today and had so much fun! I cant wait to do it again and have everyone with us. Reese and Parker loved it. I love that the bowling alley gives kids 2 free games a day so all we had to do was pay for the shoes for them. My mom also had her best score ever!! look at that form !

Monday, June 13, 2011

Workin at the car wash!!

I saw this idea in the Family Fun magazine and thought, Hey I can build that! (well with a little help from Jeremy). It was super easy project and the kids love it!!! Here is the LINK to family fun.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Water Bombs

I made some sponge water bombs for the kids today and I have to say it was a "hit". I expect A LOT of use for them this year since it is so HOT! We are also planning on making a kid car wash sometime this week. I got the idea HERE. NOTE: I used dental floss because the fishing line kept slipping in my hands and they actually came apart when we played with them. The dental floss works great and is already handy at the house. To make the smaller ones I cut the sponges "hot dog" instead of "hamburger". You can experiment on our sizes. My mom says the bigger ones are easier to catch but I think the little ones are so cute :)

No Bummer Summer

We are taking a cue from Judy Moody and having a No Bummer Summer. I have made a poster board sized calendar and a page of ideas for things for us to do this summer. Last week we already went to the zoo (for free!! with the libraries zoo pass) and this week has been filled with swim lessons and water balloons. MANY fun ideas and pictures to come!!