Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shaving Cream

We had fun a few nights ago playing in shaving cream. Reese liked to draw out her letters and Brodie loved to put it all over his face.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Braves Game

I haven't been good at updating my blog on time. I think about it and have pictures to post and everything but I just never can get to sitting down and typing it all out. Well for fathers day weekend we went to a Braves game with my mom, Allison, her boyfriend Andrew, Johnny, Parker, Reese and of course Jeremy. We had a really good time. Reese did really well and didnt make a fuss the whole time. Of course she hit up Grandma for a slushy and cotton candy. LOL. She is to funny she walks up to my mom and says "I need money". She knows who is going to give it to her or not! Not me! lol! We also ate at the mexican restraunt we saw on Atlanta housewives, Rosa Mexicano. They had really yummy guacamole but we should of known that if the ATL housewives are eating there it would be pricey! We dont have ATL housewives budgets. But it was still good fun and we enjoyed ourselves a lot. It GA southern Alumni night so there was a LOT of drunks, and one girl who was totally wasted kepy coming up to our car going "Tomahawk chop". She was interesting. Oh yeah and if you wondering where Brodie was he as with his Nana. We didn't think bringing monkey baby was a good idea. He would of been climbing all over everything!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Note to self....

When trying to be cute and festive for your little family by trying to make Fourth of July rice crispy treats it is not wise to melt down the 4th of July marshmallows. Red, white and blue marshmallows make for purple rice crispy treats. Go figure.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another Picture :)

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Dance Camp Pictures

Finally got one picture to load!!

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Dance Camp Recital

At the end of dance camp they had a little dress up session and showed us a few dance moves. Reese was so enamored with us being there to watch her (My mom, Jeremys mom, Johnny and her daddy) and that my mom had flowers for her that she wasn't even really focusing on the dance moves and would catch on to a few and then blow us kisses. LOL! It was so cute and a great first dance class for her! I can't wait to register her for more! ( I will post pictures late Blogger is being LAME! ) Sad it wont let me put any pictures of Reese....UGH!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Baby Boy

I was just looking at my post and realized that all my post have pictures of Reese and no pictures of Brodie. Poor boy! Yes he is still here but always moving and on the go and doesn't like to pose for pictures but these are a few from our trip to the museum last week. He is all boy climbing everywhere and on top of everything. I love him to pieces, he is such a good boy!

Mommy Shoes

Reese got into my closet today and took out my shoes and starting walking around the house looking oh to cute! Click clapping all through the house with her heels on! She better get used to heels because I have a feeling she isn't going to be too tall, since we are a vertically challenged family and all. ;)Sorry the picture is blurry I justhad to post it so you could her sash-shaying.. (spell?) My BEAUTIFUL princess :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Dance Camp!

I signed Reese up for a week long dance camp and I am so happy I did! I woke her up this morning and the first thing she asked to do was put on her dance outfit. She is so cute! She kept kissing me and telling me how excited she was to go to dance camp. This is her first time at a day camp and dance class. She seemed to have a blast! The dance studio have a little camera in the room that plays out onto a TV in the lobby area so we can watch them dance without disrupting class. She was so excited when I picked her up. Brodie was sad to leave her at the camp and wanted to stay and watch himself in the dance mirrors. And No I usually don't put makeup on Reese but she wanted to look like a princess when we left to go to camp to lipstick it was :)

Showing me her moves :) Showing me her bow on her outfit

Thursday, June 3, 2010


One the side of Jeremy's parents house at night it just lights up with fireflies. They are so pretty. Something about them breathes summer and happiness. After checking on our garden Jeremy took them to "catch" them. Jeremy told Reese that they were like the ones from Princess and the Frog so so wouldn't get all bugged freaked out. It was so cute seeing her catch them and Brodie reach up to try to touch one.


We went to a play group one day and they were planting seeds and having the kids color the pots. We went and had a good time and we planted one zucchini and two cucumber seeds and they have flourished! They are growing like crazy! We already have two baby zucchinis are our plant :) I can't wait till I can have my own big garden one day! Reese loves when we go outside she checks on her veggies every day even multiple times a day!

Reese and her plant

Baby Zucchini

Cucumber plant

Zucchini plant

We are trying one of those hanging tomato plants