Monday, August 18, 2008

Thats a surprise, what to do now?

Well since practically everyone one I know is pregnant and finding out what they are having I just HAD to know!! I was almost stir crazy when it came to waiting for Reese and with this baby it has been going by faster but I just needed to know! So today Jeremy, Reese and I went to Sandy and had a ultrasound done. And much to my surprise it was a baby BOY! What am I going to do with a boy? I was for sure I was going to have a girl and I VERY much wanted another girl because I already have everything AND I know girls. I am very excited to have a boy and I did want a boy just maybe baby number 3 could be a boy. I never really expected it to be a boy. YIKES! I am very excited about all the cute little outfits I get to pimp him out in. So now our house will be full of princess shoes and tonka trucks. LOL. I know it might not sound like I am happy that its a boy it just a hard concept to wrap my mind around because I was so determined it was a girl. But hey I thought Reese was a boy and she is very much a little diva girl. So goes to show you my mothers intuition is backwards! Blogger is being very lame right now so I can't post pics but I will have them up as soon as possible.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Princess Shoes

We where at same today and I saw this pack of princess shoes a pack of six. They are so cute! So I picked them up for Reese's birthday of course she saw me with them so I let her look at them because she is so young still she doesn't know so I will hide them tonight. These are pictures of my little girl trying to break into the shoes. Thankfully they are tied down. She was so cute on the way home with them talking to herself saying no no no these are my shoes. LOL! I don't know who she was talking to but she knew those where HER shoes! She got VERY upset when I said that they where Mommy's shoes.


Reese has always liked to color but lately her interest in it has spiked in it again. We just bought he some new coloring books and a fun color wonder book for church and she has been acting a lot better in sacrament and loves coloring in the books. Here are a few pics of my cute baby girl laying on the floor coloring.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


I found a wonderful website that gives you free instructions on how to make hair bows. I love bows but hate paying the high prices. So i decided to try for myself and for my first attempt I think I did great! I can't wait to make more!!!

Dog Bed...or is it?

I bought Peanut a doggie bed today because we have kicked him out of our bed and he is so sad at night and finally cuddles up with a blanket we laid down for him but I figured I would make him more comfy. So I went a picked him up a a little puppy bed nice and soft and it came with a blanket and chew toy. I came inside from playing with our friends and this is what I found. Then when I started making dinner this is what I found. Poor dog cant catch a break.