Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What has happened?

I haven't really blogged in awhile, I used to be good at it. I guess some of it has to do with the fact I used to blog to show my family pictures of the kids and share what was going on in our lives. Since we live here that seems redundant. I guess I need to look at it in a matter of preserving memories and letting our friends (whom we miss dearly) whats going in our lives now.

Jeremy had his first day of work today in 6 very LONG months. I am so happy to be going into Thanksgiving having something to wonderful to be thankful for.

Brodie is starting to walk. Yes my little 9 month (almost 10) old baby is trying to walk and can get at least 3 steps on a good day.

Reese turned 3 on halloween and since is having a hard time understanding why every birthday party isn't for her. She is also getting much better on the potty.

I am...well...I just am. Nothing really special going on here. I am going to try to be taking an English class soon to get done with my basics in school. It was my last one left. I have a billion craft projects and ideas in my head I need to get together. I need to make a list and start making so idea binders so I don't loose any of them. I used to be able to get them done and have a sense of purpose with my baking and cooking and craft making but its hard when you dont have your stuff. I need some girl friends. I have my family but I need someone I can talk to during the day when Brodie and Reese arent really stimulating conversation. We are all well and healthy and looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with our families. We haven't been home for Thanksgiving in 5 yrs so it will be nice to not to have cook...lol who I am kidding, huh Mom.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Love this girl

Love this post and since I can't say it any better than her...Dessert

Read it.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Reese..well yesterday that is

Reese's 3rd birthday was yesterday and we were BUSY!! I will post pics and all when I get them from my sister.