Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I have been trying to do a little something with Reese everyday that is our "preschool". I found these wipe off books at Target and they are great! It so nice to do the dry erase and just wipe it off and do it again. Reese really enjoys working in these books. Wipe Off Books.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

My first 5k!

I ran a 5k this morning. It was awesome! I can't even tell you how nervous I was and my body felt it too. All of a sudden I have cramps and pain everywhere leading up to the race but I was determined to go and run it! I am so happy I did! I know it was only a 5k but I feel such a great sense of accomplishment! It was awesome! I know am going to get started on my resolution of running one a month. It was great to run with a crowd. My time was 34:35! Jeremy ran it with me too and did awesome! It is so nice to have your husband there running with you cheering you on! We are each others cheer leaders!!Before the race

After the race

Gary Allen

We went to a Gary Allen concert last night. I have since determined I am not a concert person. It was way to loud and the girls there are CRAZY! I saw lots of boobies and girls wiggling about. I think one girl wanted to be the next Mrs. Gary Allen and the other thought she was him! It was a good time though, nice date night with my man! My mom and her friend Charlotte went with us too, it was a good time!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Reeses' First Pedicure

This weekend my little sister Devin had Prom so we needed to take her to get her nails and toes done. My mom had been telling Reese for awhile that Grandma was going to take her to get her first pedicure. Reese was SOOOO excited at the nail salon. Talking to anyone who would listen telling then that she is "getting her nails done" She picked her her color, pink of course and got to sit in a mini pedicure chair that had a fairy on it. She was so excited the whole time she could barely keep still. They lady had to keep telling her to stay still. She even got little flowers painted on her big toes and thumb nails. She also shows off her nails to anyone walking by! My mom is making her rotten so when she turns into a teenage I will have more that a handful to handle on her...LOL!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Littlest Pet Shop Palooza!

Thanks to her cousins Reese has found Littlest Pet Shops and LOVES them! They aren't that bad to get once in awhile but if you want a decent group of them it is going to cost you a pretty penny! Reese had about 10 of them and she got two "houses" from her Nana for Christmas. Jeremy's cousin Ivey also LOVED littlest pet shops years ago when she was the same age as Reese but now being older at the rip age of ten, she has no need for them so we bought them from her mom! Awesome deal for us!! I am so happy we have them! We got 5 houses, a storage box and a butt load of pets for $20 bucks!! Thank you Carlee!!! Reese is in Littlest Pet Shop Heaven!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mrytle Beach

We where able to hitch hike our way on my moms vacation ;). We went to her time share in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. It was beautiful! It was kinda windy some days but really great weather. We had a fun trip. Jeremy and my Mom had to come home on Sunday because they had to go to work but Jeremy was able to come back on Monday! I was so happy! All in all it was a great time! Thank you mom for letting us go!

Make up AGAIN!

Reese was so quiet again.....bad sign. I find Reese looking like Pocahontas. She has gotten ever bit of a bronzer I don't ever use ALL over her face and shirt. She had concealer, eye shadow, glitter and mascara EVERYWHERE! I wasn't very angry that she was in my makeup but more upset that she didn't ask me for it and it was horrible to get off! It took some major scrubbing and the tub has a nasty brown ring in it now. I wasn't thinking to get a picture of her but I got a picture of what her shirt looked like....and her face was 10x worse. I swear she was as dark as Pocahontas!