Friday, May 30, 2008

I am officially STUPID!!

Well how do I start with my sad and stupid saga....I booked Jeremy's and my plane ticket back in mid-april. Got a GREAT deal only $200 a piece round trip. I go to print out my itinerary for tomorrow because that is when I am leaving and I notice a SLC trip in my trip log on travelocity. I think its because we are leaving from SLC and going to Atlanta. No, I was mistaken. I just noticed this today that I have booked Jeremy's plane ticket going FROM Atlanta TO SLC. Not the other way around that it should be. I'm so smart. I booked both of our tickets that day and I guess I just say ATL and SLC and didn't notice that they where backwards. Once again I admit my stupidity on this one. So what to do now, I called Continental Airlines, $900 bucks to change. Called Travelocity $775 to change. YIKES! So we started searching for a new flight because it would be cheaper. Luckily we discovered this a week out not the day of, that is truly a blessing. So we found him a ticket for $460 on Southwest but the catch is it flys into Orlando. Which has its pluses and minuses. More minuses that pluses. Jeremy doesn't get to see his family at all. And its all my fault. I feel like the biggest piece of rotten animal on the side of the road poo right now. Lesson of the story is pay attention or it could be a VERY VERY costly mistake. I am very excited to see my family but at the same time feel like I have cheated my husband out of his. I am very very sorry Jer and family. I truly feel awful. But I am trying to look at the positive side and see that at least we caught this today and not when Jeremy was supposed to fly out and it would have been in the thousand of dollar mistake. Either way $460 feels like a thousand when you are a starving student. But at least Jeremy is able to be with his wife and especially daughter at Disney.

School's out for summer!!!

Today was my last day at work for the summer! It was so cute to see all the kids get so excited about it being summer and they got letters telling them who there teachers are already and they were comparing with there friends to see who was in there class. It was really sweet. I got all excited about it being summer too like I used too. I am looking forward to a summer hanging out with my baby all day, eating otter pops and watermelon, having BBQ's and hanging out with friends. I love summer. I can't wait till GA! I will be there tomorrow!! Yeah!! Disney is in a week!!! YEAH!! I love it! Can't wait to see Reese at the Beach and with Mickey. :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Face Painting

After we went to the Farm we went to Ikea and when we where there they were doing face painting so we thought to give it a try. Reese has never had her face painted but she did great. She never moved and only moved her eyes to try to see what was going on, it was so cute. The lady tested if Reese was going to ok with it by painting a butterfly on her cheek and she did good so we went all out and made her a kitty! I was just looking back at the pictures and Reese was looking at them saying "Baby, meow, meow" LOL. Funny girl. I think she looks so adorable! The last picture is what I got when I asked Reese to smile! :) Cheese!!

Fun at the Farm

Yesterday we went to Thanksgiving Point farm with our friends, The Tenney's. We had a lot of fun. Last time we went Reese was only like 9 months old and was easily scared by the animals. This time she LOVED it. She rode the pony and NEVER wanted to get off, she also got to feed a goat and a couple chickens. She was fearless she tried to hard to feed this cow one kernel of corn she had but the cow didn't want it instead the baby cow tried to eat our stroller! It was raining off and on but we had a really good time.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


My little sister graduated today and I am happy for her but it feels so weird. We are 5 yrs apart and she is my little sister, she can't be my little big sister ya know! It's weird having her turn into an adult having to make her own choices good or bad. I love her so much and it doesn't seem like she can be an adult. It's weird. I mean I know I have gotten married and had a child and grown up as well but she needs to be my little sister forever. I know that she will be but I don't like her being an adult...*sighs* I miss my Allison. I love you! I hope you had a great party and graduation at least that can't mess up your name like they did mine.

Friday, May 23, 2008


Today was my last full week of work. I don't have to work on Monday!! Yeah! Next week is my last week of work and they are all half days. It's a bitter sweet moment because I don't want to work even if it soo easy I am ready for the break but I sure will be missing the money! On another note, my little sister Allison will be graduating from Northside High School on Saturday and 9 PM!! Late I know! But congrats to her and her future adventures at North GA Military College. I am sad that Jer and I had to miss it but we will be there soon ready to go to Disney!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

America Idol

I called my sister and she told me who one and to be honest its not really a big deal to me maybe because I really didn't get into this season and I always seem to like the people who get kicked off...Micheal Johns. But any who what was up with Jordin Sparks dress. She kinda looked like a gladiator. My opinions on the Davids for anyone who cares. I like David A.'s voice but he is kinda a bore but what I really can't stand is how shocked he always acts when he is safe or when people compliment him. It's sooo annoying. Boy you are in the Idol finale you know you are good! I know its good to be humble but geez. David C. look is really not jiving with me he always seems to cocky and pompous.I do have to say at the finale I like how he showed emotion and how nice he was to David A. I don't know maybe he will wear on me. His voice is good too. I really don't care about AI this year but I haven't posted in awhile. My top three Idol's are Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry, and Kelly Clarkson.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Go Jeremy!

Today Jeremy had his Private Pilot flight exam. He passed! Yes! Jeremy is now an official private pilot! YEAH! He has plans to take me on a date flying around Utah and seeing some views! I can't wait! I'm a little nervous because it is such a small plane. Congrats to Jeremy! He has worked so hard to accomplish this goal in his life. We only have 4 more certificates to go! Its a long road ahead but way worth it! He is accomplishing one if his life's dreams. We went out and celebrated by going out to eat and going on a date, just me and him. I love him so much and am so proud of him and his accomplishments. His is such a great husband and wonderful father. I love you babe!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Day

Today is Mothers Day and Jeremy woke up and cooked a yummy breakfast and is in the process of cooking dinner right now. I have such a great husband. He also made this hand print card for me, with all of my babies, Reese, Summer, Sam and Peanuts prints. He also wrote me a sweet love note. :) . It was a great mothers day. I love you honey thank you for making today so special for me. On another note, when we took Reese to nursery today she said bye and closed the door in our faces. We have a very independent daughter.

Happy Mothers Day

We wanted to wish our mommies and all of the mommies that we love a happy mothers day! We hope you all are having a great relaxing day that you all deserve! Happy Mothers Day! We love you!

Friday, May 9, 2008

You know you are in Utah when...

you cross hand carts while you are working as a crossing guard. LOL. Today when I was working I crossed the fourth graders that went on trek. Reese was really entertained today at work with me. she just kept looking at them. One man was really funny and thanked me for his safe passage. I guess the roads are really dangerous for a handcart.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Movie Trailer


I love this trailer! I cannot wait till this movie comes out! I think I need to have a girls night when it does. Jeremy isn't into it at all. By they way, I finished The Host this morning and it freakin awesome! I wished I wasn't done with it I wanted the story to go on forever. I guess that's how I will feel when I read Breaking Dawn when it comes out.

Vacation Countdown!

I know tinkerbell is lame but thats all the Disney they had.

Zoo Meltdown

On Tuesday we went to the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake. We had fun and Reese enjoyed looking at the animals. We did have one meltdown that happened when I was in the bathroom and her sweet daddy videoed it. LOL. Here she is. I find it funny but only maybe because I wasn't there.

A day at the Zoo!

Monday Night BBQ

Jeremy had a great schedule now he works 4 tens. So he is off on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Yeah for us. Jeremy has been itching to BBQ ever since it has been getting warm. So on Monday we grilled up some burgers, hot dogs and corn on the cob. It was very yummy and it was fun to be outside as a family grilling up dinner. Reese and Peanut had fun playing at the playground.

Feeding Ducks

On Sunday we went and feed the ducks at a pond I used to work by. There are always a bunch of ducks there and this time there where some cranes too. Reese loved feeding the ducks. We had to watch her close because she kept trying to get in the water with them and I saw a snake in the water! Eww! Reese liked feeding the ducks but her arm wasn't very strong and her bread didn't make it very far. The ducks liked us better when we left because there was a lot of bread crumbs on the bank.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Host

I am wanting to read the new Stephenie Meyer book The Host but I don't want to pay $20 bucks for it quite yet but this is the reponse I got from the Provo library NUMBER 179!! Yikes! They do have like 20 plus copies of the book but I think I might be waiting awhile. I tried Orem to and I am number 45 there at least. Well see what year I get to read it. LOL. Let me know if its good enough to buy. I will be there day one for Breaking Dawn. Well see about this new series.

The host : a novel /
by Meyer, Stephenie, 1973-
Your hold queue position is:179

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Sorry to copy your background Corley! But being here is Utah weather is no beach! We had snow flurries on May 1st. MAY!!! Grr. But at least I am actually going to the beach in 28 days! Or at least to Georgia and to the beach from there. Here we come Disney!! My pastey butt needs some color!