Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My love, hate relationship with Target.

I really like Target a lot more that Walmart because it just feels better shopping there. Its not as crowded. Walmart does have the lowest prices but sometimes a few pennies is worth the environment that I have to shop in with my very tired daughter. I love Target and all of its stuff but I hate it because they have been getting my prices wrong lately and me having to drive all the way back up there to get my money back . I am not one to just day forget about it and not go up there! Jeremy and I work hard for every penny, and I am not just going to give them away. Today they over charged me by $5.15! Its very annoying! So at Target check your receipt before you leave and make sure you watch them as they check you out, it can save you a lot of time and money! On a happier note I feel much better today. Yesterday I almost died at Walmart because it was soooooo hot. I think there AC was broken. Thats why I am taking a little Walmart vacation. But today I have been much more productive. I have made 4 freezer meals for me and the ladies (I know we are supposed to do this together but I had to cook the meat tonight and I dont have room in my fridge/freezer) and I have starting the LONG process of cooking The Pioneer Womens brisket. I will let you know how it turns out. It feels soo much better getting things accomplished rather than feeling yucky all day long. Jeremy's sister Melissa is coming soon too so I have to be more productive and get this house back in order and clean! Yikes! My list just got longer in my head! LOL!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Catching up

I guess I haven't posted in a while or finished our vacation. But to be honest I don't want to. LOL. I just am to tired, I don't have any motivation to do anything. I feel blah. I have my first doctors appointment next Friday. So thats exciting, starting the process again. Besides that nothing much going on here. Just blah-ness. Hope everyone is having a great Friday as my husband is at work, I will be a loser watching the premier of Camp Rock. Laugh at me, I know I am a loser but I have nothing else to do and to be honest I might not make it though the whole movie, I might fall asleep.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Hollywood Studios Pictures

Hollywood Studios

On day 3 of our trip we went to Hollywood studios and I would have to say that this park was my favorite. I loved the shows and the best ride ever, Toy Story Arcade. We rode it 2x and it was a blast. I would of rode it more but we ran out of time. Its a 4-D arcade game its really fun and great for a competitive couple like me and Jeremy. We also went and saw Playhouse Disney LIVE, Reese thought that it was the greatest thing in the whole wide world. She get so happy and shy when she sees the characters. She got to meet Leo, Annie and Handy Manny. She gave big hugs to Annie and Handy Manny and didn't want to ever let them go. It was so cute! She didn't want to look at the camera either for pictures because she was in celebrity shock! LOL! It was adorable! We also ate lunch and a really neat place that you sat and ate lunch in 50's cars and it was set up like a drive in diner and we got to watch old sci-fi movies on the drive in movie screen. I really likes Hollywood Studios. I promise I will finish this Disney trip up soon, only two more days to go! We just had such a great time and we where so busy I want to make sure I get it all down!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Animal Kingdom Pictures

Animal Kingdom

Aww, Finally we are back to GA and sadly Jeremy is back in Utah and I will be joining him on Tuesday. But no more driving in Florida! On our second day of play, Wednesday we went to Animal Kingdom and personally it was my least favorite park. It's Disneys newest park and I just thought it was just to crowded. It was more crowded than Magic Kingdom, its a smaller park and because of that and the amount of people it was way crowded and didn't have a big selection on food. We ate lunch at the Rain Forest Cafe which was fun, it's a Rain Forest and ever once and awhile it has a "storm" and all of the animals start acting crazy. Its cute. Reese was so tired that she fell asleep at the table it was the cutest thing ever! Everyone rode (but me and Reese of course) the number one ride at Disney (according to Disney) Everest. Which apparently is a really cool roller coaster. We went on and African Safari, and a really drenching water ride. I got so wet I had to buy new pants, because mine would never dry! We had a good time but its not a park I am eager to get back to.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Magic Kingdom Pictures

Magic Kingdom

I figured I would post in park sections so it i not so overwhelming. Disney has been fun but I don't think we could last much longer. We are all sun burnt from the water park yesterday and very very tired. We have been running since day one waking up at 6 am to get to the parks right when they open.And to top it off in the beginning in the week I lost my voice completely, that was not so fun. First day was Magic Kingdom and we where at the park from 9 am to 11 pm. A very long day. It was hot and the water at magic kingdom has a sulfur taste in it. YUCK! Reese was great she only had one meltdown but can you blame her? She didn't get a nap and passed out on Jeremy's back in our backpack. It was cute at the time because she was so tired her head just kept flopping around. Poor girl. After her little power nap she was fine, she LOVED the night time light parade. We rode everything that I could and Jeremy loved Space Mountain and rode that 3x. Peter pan ride was good but had a really good laugh at Monster's Inc laugh factory it was cute. We had a good time. We came home (to the condo) and passed out. We took Tuesday off to get groceries and recoup from a very tiring busy day. My mom said she left her feet in a trash can at Disney and was walking back on stumps.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


So everyone knows that we are going to Florida on Sunday with plans for the week to go to Disney. Well I will not be able to ride any fun rides. We found on on Sunday night we are pregnant again. I am about 4-5 weeks along. We a very excited. We are not people who wait to tell! We can't wait for our next little bundle of joy. My estimated due date Feb. 6.