Saturday, December 29, 2007

It has been sooo long!!

I havent posted in a long time, and for those who read the blog if there are any that I am not with at the time I am sorry. Reese and I have been in GA since the 17th and Jeremy got here on the 23rd (my birthday the big 22!!) and left this morning. We celebrated our FOURTH wedding anniversary this year and Jeremy rocks! We have never done anything for our anniversary because we have always been in GA and we are always broke (that whole being a student thing sucks) but this year we went to stay at the Westin in Atlanta which is the tallest hotel in the western hemisphere. We stayed on th 52 floor and ate at the Sundial which is on the 72 floor that rotates on top of Atlanta, a full rotation every hour. The food was amazing! I loved it! It was soo romantic and sweet! Jeremy was supposed to leave yesterday but his flight was cancelled so he left this morning (sad) Reese and I will be here until the 3rd. We are happy to be here but wished Jeremy could be here too. Someone has to but food on the table though! I will post pictures when I get home because I forget my USB cord. Christmas was great. Reese liked opening her presents and her new words are "Wow" and "Uh uh oh" so cute. She aso has picked up calling me Tara every once and a while. Funny baby. Today we went to Monkey Joes, which has a bunch of inflatable slides and jumping gyms, it was fun but boy did I get a work out. No more Monkey Joes for me! Sorry this is so long and random I'm just trying to do a quick update. I will post more later! Happy LATE Birthday to me, Merry LATE Christmas, Happy LATE anniversary to Jeremy and I and Happy future New Year!! 2008 will be great!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Reese loves to read

Reese loves books! She climbs in baskets by herself and pulls out her books and will sit and read for like 15-30 minutes. It's so cute! I love how she will just sit there and talk to her books "reading" to herself. How cute!

Reese helping mommy pack

Reese is trying to help me pack, yeah right, she is helping my UN pack. Here she is hanging out in the luggage, I think if she could go to GA like this it might be an easier flight for me! LOL. Only 2 more days!! See ya'll soon!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pepsi Thief

There is a Pepsi thief among us..she is small, silent and quick. I think you know who she is..but lets paint the crime scene..(lol) I was sitting on the couch drinking my Pepsi when I realized my math final grade should hopefully be posted. So I sit my Pepsi on the couch and go to the computer (my back is turned away) my grade isn't posted yet so I go back to the couch and I go to get my drink so I don't sit on it and spill it and its not there! Where is my Pepsi? Did I bring it to the desk? Nope-not there either. I hear something- "awww" , its coming from Reese's room where she has been playing. I walk over to her door peer in her room and I see my little daughter at her table drinking my Pepsi!! LOL! I wasn't mad at all I thought it was so cute and just for clarification we do not give our daughter soda this probably one of the first times she has had it. Naughty little girl. She was so cute just standing there at her table drinking her Pepsi. I promptly removed the forbidden beverage but she was so cute! I wish everyone could of seen it! LOL. I love my little girl, she makes me smile everyday and today was no exception. That cute, sweet little Pepsi thief.


I am soooo happy my teacher just talked to me and I got an 88 on my math final!! I passed the class!!! YEAH!!! I am so happy and no one will answer the phone so Reese and I will be doing the happy dance together! YEAH!!! I am moving on to Math 1050 next semester....we hope it will a happy ending to next semester as well. I'm stoked!! GO ME!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Do you like the new look?

I have heard rumors of ugly blogs going around..;) so I felt the peer pressure to have a pretty blog. Do you like the new festive look? I do! Merry Christmas!! :)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Jeremy passes the FAA exam!!

Yeah! Jeremy passed his FAA private pilot exam today with an 87! Yeah! Great Job Jeremy! He is doing his first night fight tonight and should be finishing up his hours by the end of January at the latest. He has almost 20 hrs. Only 20 more to go....

Thursday, December 6, 2007

I got a 95!!!!!!!!!!

I got a 95 on my last math test!!! YEAH!!!! I have never gotten a 95 before in a college math test! Its the last chapter too!! YEAH!!! Lets hope I do as well on the final!! I am so stoked!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Fall Semester 2007 almost done!

This is our last week of classes and next week is finals and we are feeling the pressure! I have 2 projects left, two math tests and a bunch of little papers to get done!! YIKES! I will be busy busy with school this week. I have to get it all done by Saturday. I have a math final next Wednesday and an education final the following Thursday. Jeremy has his FAA test on December 10th, lets all pray he passes and does well he is kinda stressed out about it and he has a lot of flying left to do. Busy busy times. We (Reese and I) will be in GA in 13 days!! Jeremy will follow on December 23rd (my birthday!!) We cant wait for a little break. Then school starts back up on January 4th. Only a few semesters left...and we are counting down!

Saturday, December 1, 2007


We woke up this morning to a beautiful blanket of snow, so I got up and put Reese in her snow suit and we went to go play! Reese loves to eat snow. YUMMY! I love the snow! (at least for right now!) Its so pretty and its still coming down.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree....

Here is our short and fluffy Christmas tree which has been fun this year having a baby girl that can get her hands into everything! She keeps re-decorating it for us-how nice of her!

Daddy and Baby

Here is Jeremy with Reese in her crib (Yes IN the crib) having some fun, she loves playing in bed be it hers or ours....

On our way to Church

Here are some cute pictures of us on our way to church this past Sunday.

Temple Square Christmas Lights

On Monday for FHE we decided to go see the Christmas lights on temple square. It was fun for a little while but when you have a 13 month old who wants to walk by herself it becomes quite a challenge. She hated her big puffy jacket because it restricted so much movement but it was freezing! BRR! She fell down and bonked her head on the concrete, I was getting ugly because Reese was being so awful. Jeremy was trying to get good pictures. Reese got ran over my a man who didn't see our little short stack. She was hungry and tired not a good combo for anyone if our family. So we went and got some hot coco and some chicken nuggets and she was fine after that but we where already on our way home. Maybe next year will be better. I loved being with my family and see the beautiful lights and the temple at night is stunning. I love living it Utah where I am surrounded by them. Here are some pictures from our evening compliments of Jeremy.

Friday, November 23, 2007

This is so Funny!

Here is a link to Santa's elves....LOL!!

Santa's Elves

Black Friday at Gymboree!!

Gymboree is evil for me. I spend way to much money there but I can't help myself! I dont ever buy anything there full price because it's way to expensive but today they had 30% off there whole store and then my wonderful husband found another 20% coupon for me so i got 50% off the whole store was bad, very bad. Here are some pictures of the cutest baby model ever modeling some of her hottest new looks! Notice on the leopard accent black velor suit the cute cat ears!!

Happy Thanksgiving !

This year was our first Thanksgiving alone. We have been at my grandparents for the past two years and we missed being with them but we had fun being with our little family. Jeremy had the whole day off of work which was really nice! It was different having to cook for ourselves but we liked it. We had the traditional turkey, ham, broccoli casserole, green been casserole, rolls, cranberry sauce (which Reese really liked), stuffing and gravy. For desert I made homemade apple pie and my mom's famous and my FAVORITE! Cherry cheese pie. YUM YUM YUM!!! Here are some pictures of our Thanksgiving and a video of Reese eating cranberry sauce watch her face it is so funny!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Melissa asked to see a picture of the taggies that i made so here they are....they are really cute and super soft.

Holiday Jammie Party Part II

Here are some more pictures of Reese in her second set of holiday jammies. Have you noticed I like the stripes and the snowman? We were playing right before she went to bed. I got a snow hat that is HUGE and Reese was having the best time playing with it. In the last picture she doesn't look so happy to be going to bed.

Reese's Hospital Scare

This past Monday we took Reese into her Dr. office because she has this rash that won't go away and when she woke up from her nap she had little broken blood vessels all over her hand. We took her to the doctor and he wanted blood work done on her STAT! He told us she could possibly have leukemia. WHAT!!!??? We where not expecting that, we thought we where just going to get rash cream or something. He told us to go get some dinner because we might be at the hospital all night. YIKES! This is not how I envisioned my day going. We went to the American Fork Hospital where she was born and had her blood tested. It was really hard watching them draw her blood. I was bawling, Jeremy was bawling and of course Reese was bawling as well. It was awful. An hour later the Dr. calls and tells us its NOT leukemia. He thinks she has mono. Mono? On a one year old? Weird. We just got the test results back today and she has a severe case of mono. We probably all do now because we've been kissing on her like crazy like we always do. So we are a house full of mono people. Yuck. These are some pictures of when we got home, she has as sucker in her hand that she does not want to let go (sticky sticky baby) can see her bandaged arm from her war wound.

Monday, November 19, 2007

First Flight out of the Traffic Pattern

Hi. So I had flown solo twice already but this was different. On this flight I was able to fly out of the traffic pattern. So in other words I was able to fly about 10 miles away from the airport and practice all the maneuvers that I have learned and then fly back. It was kind of scary but very exciting. I flew at about 135 mph at one point. I also flew at about 8500 feet. It was so exciting to fly that high over the interstate and be able to look down at the traffic while I was flying my little airplane. So anyways it was very fun and I made it back safe and I was buckled up the whole time.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Holiday Jammies!

Here are a few pics of Reese's new holiday jammies, she has two pairs these are her newest pair. I will take a picture of her other set tomorrow, they are footed jammies SO CUTE!....She was trying to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse saving Santa she could care less about mommy trying to take her picture.